Space Exploration

On today's show, Jose Lopez talks about space exploration and the reasons that some countries feel that they need to be a part of to give them more power on the world scene.

Ghost Click

Jackie Guzda talks about the dangers of Ghost Click; and how companies are profiting off unsuspected users.  

Protecting Computer Files

Allan Hoffman, talks about protecting your computer files with a back up system. He says you should place your files on the "cloud" because you can still lose your data.

Parking Lot Energy

On today's show, William Kaufman, talks about this new scientific technology with the use of parking lots. This will help keep the power grids running.

Arctic Algae

Tim Dillingham visits Ebru Today and reveals a bloom of arctic algae near Alaska may be an indicator of climate change.

Missing Moon Rocks

Dr. Jose Lopez, physics professor at Seton Hall University, discusses missing moon rocks which have disappeared from NASA's archives.


Jose Lopez discusses space exploration and how some countries feel that they need to participate in this to gain more power in the world.

Media Apps

Our tech expert, Allan Hoffman, joins us again to talk about the new apps for smartphones and how editing applications are changing the ways which we interact with each other.

Higgs Boson

Dr. Jose Lopez talks about the recent verification that the Higgs Boson - a long theorized topic - is a reality. He helps explain what this could mean for the future of science.