Negative Terms

Media analyst, Jackie Guzda, discusses the effect that negative terms can have on perceptions of important figures in the media and the results of elections. 

Campaigning a Brand

Jackie Guzda joins EbruToday this morning to discuss the effect that branding can have on an election, especially with the upcoming presidential campaigns.

Jobs Report

Is the United States better off than they were four years ago?  Bill Rodgers tells us his opinion on this as well as the new jobs report.


Are there any truths to the election campaign attack ads? Can we use them to form honest opinions about the candidates? Jackie Guzda  is here to explain.

Presidential Election

Michael McKoy, of Rutgers University, talks about the upcoming presidential election and displays the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates.

Machiavelli On Campaigns

William J. Connell explains the influence of Machiavelli on U.S. leaders throughout history and theorizes how Machiavelli would lead a current campaign.

Campaign Ads

Can you trust what you see and hear from the candidates campaign ads?  Jackie Guzda talks about political ads and how to determine what is fact from fiction.

Presidential Conventions

Democratic analyst, Yohuru Williams and Republican analyst, Bill Spadea weigh in on the highlights and lowlights of the Presidential Conventions.

Romney Campaign

Is "team Romney" able to handle the debate shift?  Bill Spadea, Republican Political Analyst, discusses this as well as the other Romney campaign tactics.