Volunteer in Criminal Justice

Looking for ways to give back to your community? Volunteer positions are available everywhere, from data entry to crossing guards. John Paitakes tells us more.

Deferred Action

Remzi Kulen returns to discuss Homeland Security's newly lightened stance on immigration laws. He explains Deferred Action, who it affects and how to register. 

Crime Wave

James Peterson talks about an increase in police brutality.  The crime wave of police killings has increased in 2012 especially in regards to certain ethnic backgrounds.

Juvenile Life Sentences

Dr. Yohuru Williams joins us again to discuss the Supreme Court ruling about Juvenile life sentences without parole and what the decision will mean.

Child Welfare

Keeping children safe is a priority for parents, but what happens when that job falls to the public? William Waldman explains child welfare.

AR-11 Form

Are you a non-immigrant visa or green card holder that has recently moved? Remzi Kulen, an attorney, is here to discuss why you'll need an AR-11 form.

Health Insurance Exchange

Wardell Sanders, Esq. joins the show today to discuss health insurance exchange and what to expect from the recently passed Affordable Care Act.

Parole vs Probation

Dr. John Paitakes, talks about parole and probation. He explains the differences in cost for these non-prison alternatives.

The Dream Act

Immigration Attorney Remzi Kulen joins Ebru Today to discuss The Dream Act. This act will allow children of illegal immigrants - who were born in the U.S. to remain in the states, despite the immigration status of their families.