Hats for Hope

Emily Kubin is making a difference in the lives of many homeless and working poor. She explains her inspiration for "Emily's Hats for Hope Initiative".

Skin Beauty Secrets

President of Pooka Pure & Simple Dawn Fitch demonstrates how to make natural facial scrubs to keep those youthful good looks.

Elijah's Promise

Elijah's Promise, a volunteer-run soup kitchen in New Jersey, operates under the idea that food saves lives. Michellle Wilson expands more on what the organization has to offer.

Travel Tips

Travel journalist Michael Luongo offers some travel tips, shares his experiences, as well as how to save the memories forever.

Make-up In Five Minutes

Celebrity makeup artist Kim Baker demonstrates a quick and easy way to apply make-up for women on the go. She uses Emily Ives as her model.

Share With 911

Erik Endress, founder and CEO of Share With 911, explains this tool that allows teachers to use cell phones and computers to provide real-time information to the police.

Feeding Those in Need

Jackie Goedesky, President of Hands of Hope food pantry and soup kitchen, sheds some light on the process of donating to a local food bank and how those in need receive it.

Real Estate Forecast 2013

Some predictions say the housing market will improve moderately in 2013. Anthony Lolli, owner of Rapid Realty, talks about the recent upswing in home sales.