Abraham Lincoln Today

US President Abraham Lincoln is known historically as ending slavery. Saladin Ambar explains more about Honest Abe and his success as a politician.

The Winter Solstice

Dr. William J. Connell addresses the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, and what doomsdayers claimed would be the end of the world.

Richard Aoki

New discoveries make for interesting history lessons. Donna Murch, explains the story of Richard Aoki, a Japanese member of the Black Panther Party. 

Historical Re-Enactments

Charlie Shcroeder is an actor who started participating in historical re-enactments, he talks about the amount of detail  and dedication that goes into each event.

Do We Know MLK Jr.?

For many young Americans the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. is just a historical footnote. Professor Yohuru Williams describes this is as a case of historical amnesia.

Christopher Columbus Day

William Connell, a professor at Seton Hall, talks about why we celebrate Columbus Day. We also take a look at how one artist in New York has paid tribute to Columbus.

The Legacies of Presidents

Dr. Yohuru Williams talks about the legacies of our former presidents. He describes how historians decide on whether we should remember them for the good things or the bad.