Detecting Prostate Cancer

Virgil Simons, Founder & President of The Prostate Net, shares some insight of what you need to know about detecting Prostate Cancer in men over the age of 40.

Spicing Up Your Workout

Looking to spice up your workout routine in time to shed those winter clothes? Four time Olympian and fitness expert Joetta Clark Diggs offers some suggestions. 

Depression in Children

Dr. Hatice Yilmaz, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, tells us how to detect and help children and adolescents suffering from depression.

Prescription Drug Addiction

From physical injury to mental health, doctors prescribe medications to help people heal. Dr. David Buch delves into what can happen when the medication is addictive. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

Valentines Day can be a happy day for some and a sad day for others. Dr. Alican Dalkilic, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, explains a little about the psychology of happiness.

Stem Cell Therapy

The medical world has seen huge advances in stem cell therapy. Dr. Pericles Lantz answers some questions that remain over how stem cells are collected and implanted.

Working Out at Home

Looking to shave off a couple extra pounds for the upcoming spring season? Chris Obertlik demonstrates a couple simple exercises that can be done right in the living room. 

The Heart Truth

February is American Heart Health Month. Dr. Poonam Alaigh shares some medical wisdom on how to the keep the old ticker, ticking. 

Life of an ER Doctor

Dr. Vincent Eletto, medical expert from John F Kennedy Medical Center, supplies some insight into how emergency room doctors cope, and why they do it.

Understand Lupus

Lupus, a potentially deadly autoimmune disease, has become the top five most missed diseases in the world. Dr. Elliot Rosenstein defines the disease and what it is like.