Get To Know Your VP

Each Wednesday, we profile a former VP of the US. From John Adams to Joe Biden, we tell you something you didn't know about one of the leaders who held the #2 spot in the Executive Branch.

A Final VP History

We all know that the President lives on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House. But where does the Vice President live?

Daniel Tompkins

Daniel Tompkins, our 6th V.P., had a better political career when he first started out than when he became Vice President.  What does debt have to do with his downfall?  

Charles Curtis

Charles Curtis was the 31st Vice President under Herbert Hoover. Curtis had roots that went back to the original inhabitants of this country.

George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush, worked as the director of the CIA from 1976 through January 1977.  He became V.P. under President Reagan from 1981 -1989.

Calhoun and Agnew

Vice Presidents John C. Calhoun and Spiro T. Agnew both quit!  Find out the reasons for why they left office by watching this weeks D.C. Connection!

Clinton and Elbridge

Good things come in threes - in this case George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry have three things in common. One of which was serving under the same president as VP.

George Dallas

Robin Hamilton takes a look into George Dallas, our 11th Vice President.  He served under President James A. Polk from 1845 to 1849.

The Roosevelts

The Roosevelt family had two cousins that shared a number of career highlights. Theodore and Franklin both contributed to public service for the United States.

Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge, was indeed known as the “Silent Vice President”.  During most social functions, he often let his wife Grace, do much of the socializing.

Richard Nixon

Ebru Today's Robin Hamilton explores Vice President Richard Nixon.  He had an impromptu debate in a model kitchen at a museum in Moscow.  

Garret Augustus Hobart

NJ politician, Garret Hobart, became the 24th Vice President in 1896.  His good nature became his legacy. Hobart died in office in 1899.

Walter Mondale

Walter Mondale is our 42nd Vice President.  Robin Hamilton explains that he had to "audition" for the position.  Jimmy Carter chose him to be his running mate.