Aldo Civico

Aldo Civico is the Director of the International Institute for Peace, at Rutgers University.  He focuses on conflict resolution, mediation, as well as life coaching.  

Anthony Lolli

Anthony Lolli, is the CEO and founder of Rapid Realty. He focuses on the real estate market as well as franchising, business growth, and recruiting and hiring.

Connie Ludwin

Connie Ludwin is the CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of New Jersey.  She focuses on American children and helping them when they are in need.

Dawn Fitch

Dawn Fitch is the founder and creator of POOKA Pure and Simple.  She began her pursuit of all natural products after she became mysteriously ill and had no explanation from doctor's.

Dr. Elliot Rosenstein

Elliot Rosenstein, M.D. is the Director at the Institute for Rheumatic & Autoimmune Disease at the Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ.  His expertise is in health and disease.

Dr. Poonam Alaigh

Dr. Poonam Alaigh is a regular medical expert on Ebru Today. She brings her health and medical expertise to the show and discusses the recent reforms and the political aspects of health care and medicine. 

Faith Saunders

Faith Saunders, President of Keepsakes by Faith who says having a vision for our life has many benefits.  There mission is to create product and services that make others feel good about themselves.

Allan Hoffman

Allan Hoffman is our resident technological expert. He keeps us up to date on the latest tech trends, gadgets and equipment that are on the cutting edge of technology today.

Bill Rodgers Ph. D.

Bill Rodgers is a Professor of Public Policy and Chief Economist at Rutgers University. He is a regular guest who brings his knowledge of economics and translates it into the public view.

Cristian Ossa

Cristian Ossa is a Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Angel Investor.  He focuses on how to approach potential investors like himself. 

Dr. Dhiren Dave

Dhiren Dave is an urologist at Somerset Medical Center. His focus is on men's health, specializing on cancers of the urinary tract - such as prostate cancer and other diseases. 

Dr. Jana Klauer

Jana Klauer M.D. is a nutrition and metabolism expert as well as a New York Times Best-Selling author. She regularly shares her knowledge nutritional health and health epidemics effecting the U.S. today.

Dr. Vincent Eletto

Dr. Vincent Eletto is a practicing ER physician at JFK Medical Center. He regularly shares his knowledge and preventive tips on common ailments that are seen in the Emergency Room.

Gracie Foreman

Gracie Foreman is an event planner and the owner of Preferred Events, LLC.  She is instrumental in making parties a huge success.  She helps clients look their best.

Amy Ellis Nutt

Amy Ellis Nutt is a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Jounrnalist, writer for The Star-Ledger and author of the book "Shadows Bright as Glass."

Chris Obertlik

Chris Obertlik is a certified Fitness and Nutrition Consultant.  Staying fit and the benefits of obstacle racing are part of his daily activities which is also essential to helping others.

David Reed

David Reed is Law Enforcement Special Events Manager.  He currently is working on the Polar Bear Plunge in Long Branch to benefit the Special Olympics of New Jersey.

Dr. Elise Lev

Dr. Elise Lev joins Ebru Today from Rutgers University.  She discusses a new nursing practice in Haiti to benefit the people.  Haiti is in need of help within the healthcare field.  

Dr. Mary Beth Morgan

Dr. Mary Beth Morgan is a Veterinarian at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey. She shares her experience of veterinary practice and knowledge of pet health.

Edward A. Hartnett Esq.

Edward A. Hartnett Esq. is the Richard J. Hughes Profressor for Constitutional and Public Law and Service at Seton Hall Law School. He discusses current laws and constituional rights in the U.S.

Jackie Guzda Ph.D.

Jackie Guzda is our resident media analyts. She shares her knowledge on modern media issues and relevent perspectives on the growing use of media in politics, business and international issues.