EbruToday Insight

Detecting Prostate Cancer

Virgil Simons, Founder & President of The Prostate Net, shares some insight of what you need to know about detecting Prostate Cancer in men over the age of 40.

Stem Cell Therapy

The medical world has seen huge advances in stem cell therapy. Dr. Pericles Lantz answers some questions that remain over how stem cells are collected and implanted.

Owing the IRS

Make a mistake on your taxes? Do you owe the IRS? Attorney E. Martin Davidoff explains the various options when Uncle Sam comes calling.

Hats for Hope

Emily Kubin is making a difference in the lives of many homeless and working poor. She explains her inspiration for "Emily's Hats for Hope Initiative".

Make-up In Five Minutes

Celebrity makeup artist Kim Baker demonstrates a quick and easy way to apply make-up for women on the go. She uses Emily Ives as her model.

Skin Beauty Secrets

President of Pooka Pure & Simple Dawn Fitch demonstrates how to make natural facial scrubs to keep those youthful good looks.

Spicing Up Your Workout

Looking to spice up your workout routine in time to shed those winter clothes? Four time Olympian and fitness expert Joetta Clark Diggs offers some suggestions.