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  • V&V

    CNCS is the first company that successfully executed IV&V project in the China nuclear industry. CNCS is the initiator of China national energy standard— “Guide for software verification and validation plan in nuclear power plants ”. CNCS also participates in IEEE Std 1012 Working Group. CNCS has build up V&V procedures and workflows according to the IEEE 1012-2004 SIL4 …
  • DCS

    Our main supply capabilities *Digital I&C System (DCS products) for NPP *NPP V&V * Console in NPP Main Control Room * Dedicated Control Systems for NPP KDO/ EPP/PMC/KME/LSS/KRT/ Dedicated Test System *BOP Control Systems in NPP Freshwater Plant System Water Demineralization System Condensed Water System Nuclear Island Ventilation System Conventional Is …


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